29 May 2012

How to Be a Gentlewoman of Some Importance

Gentlewomen are frequently the leaders of the 21st century Enlightenment.  

If you consider yourself to be a female personage, whether you are currently a little girl, a young woman or a grand lady of magnificent maturity, there are many ways you can help to create world peace, and a much better world in the process.

If you are a gentleman, rather than a gentlewoman, you are, quite obviously, of great support to your female acquaintances.  Male persons of a less gentle disposition can be rather a nuisance, of course.  Global peace and prosperity are only possible when all persons behave in a gentle manner.

A proper boudoir, like a proper parlour and a serene salon, is always a place for higher thoughts rather than anything silly or sordid.  Gentle persons are capable of higher thoughts in every situation in which they find themselves.  They never stoop to vulgarity.

If you are not quite sure if you are currently a gentlewoman of some importance, do allow me to enlighten you on the qualities such a person possesses.

Firstly, of course, a gentlewoman knows the difference between a boudoir, a parlour and a drawing room.

Secondly, a gentlewoman is aware that most political opinions begin in the domestic sphere.  She knows that the social is frequently political whereas the truly personal is not, unless it is intruded upon socially.

Thirdly, a gentlewoman is respectful of the women of some importance who have been her predecessors in the public sphere.  I hope, therefore, that you will find this blog-pamphlet to be of some assistance to you whether you have a boudoir of your own or not.

Who do you consider to be, and to have been, a gentlewoman of some importance?

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